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Everyone who lives in or visits Parkchester is charmed by the hundreds (about 500) of terra cotta sculptures that adorn the buildings.

These adornments appear above the building entrances, over arches, high on building corners and even on the blank back wall of the movie theatre. 

Designed by nine different artists and fabricated by Federal Seabord Terra Cotta Corporation who did outstanding work for the Biltmore Hotel and the Racquet Club in Manhattan, the subjects range from family and work to music, animals, mythology and fables. 

They are by turns, whimsical, witty, animated, sweet and sentimental.  They provide the grace notes, the exclamation points and the variety that add humanity and life to the red brick structures.  If there is confusion about where you are or which building you seek, look up and identify the rooster, the cat and mouse, the big fish swallowing the little fish, the ballet dancers, the accordion player. 

Enjoy our gallery of photographs of the terra cotta sculptures, but better yet, send us your own best photos of your favorite figures and we will post them here!  We will be awarding a monthly prize for the best of Parkchester:  Seasonal views of our beautiful landscaped paths and plantings, pictures of the sculptures, and of the people who live here, work here and come here to shop, visit and enjoy.

Sculpture-Building Adornments

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